9 Proven Tips to Help Morning Sickness Naturally

Firstly, congrats on your pregnancy!

But mama, if you’re one of the 70% of women who get morning (*ahem* all-day) sickness like I did during my pregnancy, I genuinely feel for you.

It’s so freakin’ unfair, isn’t it? You’ve just found out the glorious news you’re pregnant, basking in the special secret only you and your partner know… then BAM. Nausea and maybe vomiting hit you like the unexpected ending of the Bachelor (um, how could be chose Rosie, we KNOW Claire was the one!).

Plus you can’t tell anyone why you’re sick – you just gotta get on with life. (Especially if it’s not your first pregnancy… there are no sick days when you have a toddler!)

Your doc can prescribe meds to help, but trying some natural solutions is a good way to start.

Here’s what helped me during my pregnancy, when from 8-14 weeks morning sickness felt like having the hangovers of 10 men, on a boat, while being forced to eat snails. Um… gag.


1. Eat as soon as you wake up. Get something in your stomach first thing. Keep something dry close-by and scoff it down ASAP.

2. Eat regularly. Aim for small meals or snacks every 1.5-2 hours. Try and be healthy where you can, but accept that’s not always possible because it’s just about surviving right now! Some of my faves are popcorn, apple wedges and nut butter, crackers, plain rice or corn cakes, veggie crisps, protein bars (look for low or no added sugar), toast with mashed avo, a piece of fruit, granola and vanilla yoghurt, carrot sticks with hummus, and bliss balls. I also make and sip at this smoothie over a few hours.

3. Avoid fatty, heavy foods. Normally we need lots of healthy fats but they can make nausea worse. Skip them during these few weeks of feeling bleugh and stick to carb-rich snacks instead.

4. Take ginger and B6 supplements. These are proven to be effective at relieving nausea. The average daily recommended dosage is approximately 1mg ginger and 50mg B6, once or twice a day.

5. Consume ginger in other ways. As well as supplements, ginger tea (either tea bags and/or fresh grated ginger in hot water with some honey for sweetness) can be helpful, as well as sipping on ginger beer.

6. Wear acupressure bands. These are often sold as travel sickness bands and are inexpensive. They’re a fabric bracelet with a small plastic button that presses onto the inside of each wrist. This hits a certain spot in your body that helps relieve nausea.

7. Diffuse and smell peppermint oil. Simply inhaling from the bottle works, or you can mix it with a carrier oil like coconut oil and rub it on your temples for some relief.

8. Get lots of sleep. Now is the time to rest, rest, rest! I feel significantly better when I get to bed before 9pm and nap during the day (even if just for 20 minutes while my toddler sleeps).

9. Vary your liquids. Drink as much water as possible (limiting caffeinate and soft drinks), but mix it up with coconut water, sugar-free cordial, flavoured water or herbal tea. Sometimes I make a big jug of sparkling water and add sliced lemon, mint and berries. Extra tip: sip your liquids slowly, rather thank taking big gulps. For some reason this helps!

I hope these give you some relief, mama! If you have any fool-proof tips to help morning sickness, I’d love to know in the comments or over at IG.

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